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September 24, 2014

SOULed OUT Bangsar South

August 25, 2014

Mom’s Time Out


Alcon FRESHLOOK ColourBlends

Have you ever been curious about coloured contact lenses?  They say curiosity kills the cat and it killed me! hehehe….. I took a deep breath and decided to try Alcon’s FreshLook ColourBlends contact lenses on and see how it looked like on me :P

It really “eye-catching” ain’t it even on brochure those sparking shimmering eyes batting at you. So my curiosity told me to go for something more subtle so that I don’t scare those around me when they look at me in the eyes.

FreshLook ColorBlends contact lens range by Ciba Vision, which is currently known as Alcon Vision Care

Amidst a choice 12 colours available, I opted for the Gray.  My natural eye color is brown thus I wonder how does the gray has it effect on my natural eye colour.

natural eye colour

Aish the pics turn out blur when I enlarge the eye area thus one look you see it more like black but I can assure you it’s brown, that’s my natural eye colour.

Spot any difference now? Scroll up and back down a bit to spot the difference.  Yeah yeah, immediate difference with the FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray.  My right eye seemed lighter in shade and bigger now heh….

And now both eyes are with FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray.  Ain’t my “not alive” eyes suddenly became “very much alive” now, best part I love that it made my eyes looked sparkler and bigger!!

Are you curious already to give it a try?  Some facts about Alcon FreshLook ColourBlends :

  • Contain a 3-in-1 Colour Technology; meaning it blends 3 colours into one to create the most natural, subtle eye colour change

  • From the diagram above, you notice that it contains a unique starburst pattern which blends the coloured ring seamlessly into the iris

This is how my pair of FreshLook ColourBlends in Gray looks like.  A real beauty on its own.

Noticed the Outer Starburst, Primary Colour and Inner Starburst? :D

Bigger sparkler eyes. Inset : enlarged and noticed the colour?

So what does this means to my curiosity?

  1. First it felt comfortable, I don’t feel as tho I’m wearing any contact lenses at all.  Thus moisture is sufficient for me. I wore it for 8 hours.
  2. Easy to put on and take off.  I didn’t have any struggle with the lenses.
  3. Vision was crystal clear.  With the 3-in-1 Colour Technology of Outer Starburst, Primary Colour and Inner Starburst, I didn’t see any shadow whatsoever during my time wearing it.
  4. Love how it enhances my eyes to be bigger and sparkler. From the picture above my usual “sepet” eyes became bigger :P
  5. Love the reaction when a friend look closer and directly into your eyes and say “Hey, you seem different today.  Your eyes your eyes….. and it became a subject on its own :P
  6. Definite an “eye puller” and a great “accessory” to have during functions, events and dinner.

12 colours to choose from for naturally beautiful dark or light eyes.  I’m definitely keeping a few on hand for that special occasion!  It’s catered for those with or without vision correction.  The RRP is RM84.00. Look out for it at your usual eye care professional during your next shopping trip.

As the world leader in eye care, and the second largest division of the Novartis Group, Alcon Vision Care is committed to advancing innovation and addressing unmet patient needs for patients around the world.

For more information and queries, you may contact Alcon at +603 7880 0650.

Images without life-muses.com watermark was taken from Alcon

Cosans Coffee at Kota Damansara

Cafes has been brewing everywhere in the city lately.  Not left out is my residential area. I’ve heard about Cosans Coffee and always wanted to pay them a visit in Solaris Mont Kiara but never got around to it.  Then I sighted Cosans Coffee in my area, so near :D

We went for brunch one weekend and the outlet is big and spacious.  Love their deco too.

The hubs had his usual Latte. I took a sip and before that sip, the strong coffee aroma tingles my nose. Smell already got oomppphh!!!

For me I ordered the Hazelnut Latte but then changed my mind and went for Earl Grey Chocolate.  The name attracted me for I’m an Earl Grey lover. Secondly my boys can share the chocolate drink with me :P

Not very nice art on the Earl Grey Chocolate but the aroma of Earl Grey won it all.  Strong Earl Grey flavour which makes the usual chocolate drink so much more interesting!

The boys had cake and croissant…..

Caden waits patiently while the mummy takes a picha first.  No touching first muahahaha…  We opted for the moist chocolate cake for him as besides his usual cheesecake in S*******s,  he  don’t really like other flavour cheesecake and we don’t want to end up finishing the cake for him.

Cavan went for the croissant.  Nothing special, just a plain croissant with butter.

We ordered the Slippery Turkey Ham and opted for the Black Pepper Cheese bread.  I find the items here not cheap but luckily the sandwich that arrives is big so okay-lah kinda make up for the $$$ we’re paying.

Looks messy huh with the dressing coming out and the serviette that I’m supposed to clean myself with is now also drenched with dressing.

Looks aside, one bite and ooohhmai the sandwich is good!!  Fresh crisp lettuce, iceberg whatever, the greens are fresh.  Dressing is sufficient and its yummy. Bread is not dry too. I super love my sandwich.  Supposed to be shared between me and hubby, da boys ended up having their fair share.  Even Caden who dislikes greeens is willing to have a bite or two of the sandwich.

At one corner, I noticed some props available. So curious I went and check it out.  It’s props with the Ribba Family.  Got the boys to pose with the props and this is what they did.

Covered their face with it @.@  Anyway, we submitted just for fun. Who knows if we won, then we can splurge on Cosan’s menu again :P

I love this corner and told Caden to go over for me to take a picha and this boy with his many pattern, poses like this. Kinda nice too hehehe….

Overall, I like Cosans Coffee with their drinks and food.  Believe in Great Coffee it says when I finished my cup. Just that I’m not drinking coffee that day ;)

Cosans Coffee is located in the new commercial area ~ Cascades which is right next to Giant Hypermarket.

*this is not an invited review, merely my own visitation and comments*

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert @1 Utama

One very convenient mall near my residence is 1 Utama. It has in my opinion what I need – shop, food and entertainment!

So here I was in 1 Utama one lovely evening and was surprised to see many new outlets. One of them being Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert.  Mention the word Hong Kong and lots and lots of delectable yummy food comes to mind!

Located on the Lower Ground Floor New Wing, you won’t missed this. It’s quite near to Cold Storage. As I was walking the mall from one end to the other, I happily quenched my thirst with my choice of Green Lime with Plum Juice.

A real thirst quencher! It contains bits of aloe which gave it texture.  I’m then ready for food!

Started off with an appetizer and came this Crispy Salmon Skin with Pork Floss. Crispy yes and I found that it’s thick due to salmon skin.  It gave my mouth a great work-out! Great combination with Pork Floss.

This is not your traditional Char Siew Bun, this is called Char Siew Snowy Bun. I learnt that this is Sheng Kee’s original creation.  This bun is baked and thus you have to eat it while its warm.  The char siew is wrapped with soft bun with a crisp skin.  Yes the skin is crispy!

I took a bite of this savoury bun and ohhlala…. I want more of it and ended up having the whole bun to myself! The feeling was great satisfaction!! :P

While we are on buns, there’s this Yolk Custard Pau that you must try.  The soft pau encased homemade custard yolk filing. Becareful when you take a bite for you’ll be sure to get the yolk oozing out!  I love this as well.

It’s not sweet yah, for this is actually salted egg yolk pau.  I really don’t mind another one of this.

Next came the Duo of HK Siew Mai and Carrot Cake.  My fav is Carrot Cake and needless to say, one look and I know it’ll be good. True enough it did not disappoint me.

Although I’m not one to really fancy Siew Mai, I do eat it and surprisingly this siew mai is good.  Each bite is meaty.

For those who wants more “heavy” stuff, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert have varieties of noodles and rice.  I had the chance to try the SK Signature Combination Noodle and Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy.

The noodles is springy and it’s good to have it with the chili oil. See it beside my bowl of noodle? Be sure to ask for it.

I always love mui choy and the Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy is really appetizing.  I always find having mui choy gives me the home cooked comfort food.

By now I’m really really stuffed but not before I try out their dessert.

Yuan Yang Paste is made out of grind almonds and black sesame.  Sheng Kee grinds their own and thus the aroma is strong especially the almond.  If you’re an almond lover, you will definitely love this.

For something cold, there’s the Mango Pomelo Sago. A refreshing cold end to your meal. The mango paste is from Philippines for the flavour whereas the cubed mangoes are from Thai. Mix with pomelo bits,  it became my favourite dessert :P

If you’re a frequent traveler to Singapore, you may have come across Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert outlets.  The have 17 branches in Singapore alone! The outlet here in 1 Utama is the first concept restaurant that opened beyond the shores of Singapore. So head over to 1 Utama and have a try at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert.  I’ll recommend you to try the Char Siew Snowy Bun and Yolk Custard Pau.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert @ 1 Utama
Lot LG311b Lower Ground Floor
No. 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya