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Bag of Love Jan 2014 New Year, New You

It’s been quite sometime since I last had my  hands on a Beauty Bag. Thus I could not contain my excitement when I had my hands on Bag of Love January 2014 edition of New Year, New You!

It got BIGGER!! A bag that I can use daily to carry my stuff or my kids stuff :D

Spot the cute girl?  It somehow reminds me of strawberry cupcake!  Oohh well, bottomline is it’s a durable plus cute bag to carry :P

Now what about the contents? It was heavy compared to the usual beauty bags I have. So here’s a snap shot of what’s inside.

Did you spot full size products? Excited already…  Now let’s find out more on the individual items.

First up is Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set.  It’s full sized!! whoppee whee….  It’s a 7 in 1 Total Pore Solution which balance your skin, deep cleanse pores, controls your sebum while moisturises inside out of your skin.

from left to right : Wonder Pore Freshner, Wonder Pore Clay Clear (to use once a week) and Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel

I’m familiar with Wella and have used their products before thus I was happy to see in the bag, it contains Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Treatment.

Just the perfect size for me to bring while I’m travelling.  Hey when one travels, one also needs to keep up to one’s beauty regime.  Do you agree? :P

Then I had a surprised!  I know that Bag of Love had a men’s edition but I was surprised it’s included in this bag.  Here’s Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect.  I need to add that this is another full sized product!

Hah!! now I can pass this on to my hubby and say “look there’s a product for you as well, ain’t it worth it purchasing Bag of Love” hiks hiks hiks hiks….

I’m waiting for my hubby to try this as he uses cleanser but not toner so am curious to find out how good is this coz it comes with Toner Effect.

These 3 precious bottle came wrap tightly in bubble wrap.  It consist of Alqvimia Body Sculptor Oil, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil and Shape Reducer Body Oil.  All 3 sounds very appealing to me, I need to rid my cellulite, shape and scluptor my body :P

Never say NO to mask.  It’s important that you have a mask session each week to keep your skin supple and fresh.  Especially in such hazy days, it’s important to have your mask routine.

King of Mask All-In-One Collagen Mask will moisture and nourish your skin giving you that radiant look. Love the additional essence for me to apply on my neck.  Don’t forget your neck area ladies. It’s important to keep that part moisturise as well.

And so these are all the items in Bag of Love January New Year, New You edition.

Bag of Love has changed their subscription from monthly to bi-monthly effective March.  So now instead of receiving Bag of Love every month, you will get it in every 2 months.  The next bag will be delivered mid of April for the Mar/Apr edition.  Best of all, the price remains unchanged at RM39.90 per bag.  How cool is this?

To add on, every purchase from you, Bag of Love will reserve RM1 into the Bag of Love fund.  At the end of each month, the collected fund will go to the underprivileged where you together with Bag of Love will decided which body the funds goes too.

Stalk Bag of Love FB page here for more updates.  From time to time, there’s Special Edition Bag up for grabs.  So don’t miss out!

FB page : fb.com/BagofLove

Dove School of Skindulgence

I just enrolled myself back to school ~ into the School of Skindulgence by Dove :D

What it is all about?  Read on!….

I love to indulge myself, to pamper my skin and engage in healthy activities but sadly daily routine affairs and the cost of it prevents me from doing as much as I want too.

In a survey commissioned by Dove Body Wash, it’s found that amongst 108 women aged between 18-35 years, time and money are the biggest hurdles in pampering oneself on a regular basis.

A total of 55% women claimed that they have between 1-2 hours of “me time” in a day, of which work is ranked the No. 1 interrupter of “me time” and a totla of 89% women agree that family always comes first ahead of “me time”.

Also, about 75% women agree that indulging their skin on a daily basis is too expensive and the majority of women (88%) agree that indulging in spas are expensive.

Ooh so I’m alone in this area ^.^

Last week, Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture launched the Dove Skindulgence campaign as a solution to encourage women to indulge and pamper themselves on a daily basis in less time and with less money.  The best part? – all in the comfort of their own home!

Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture is proven to be better than milk.  Consisting of a unique blend of moisturishing and nourishing ingredients that replenishes the nutrients back into your skin while you shower, this is in fact a daily pampering for our skin. With just a pump or two, the new Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture will deliver moisture and nourishment, giving our skin the pampering it needs ”better-than-milk”.

During the campaign launch, Brand Manager, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, Siti Suhaila Abd Hamid officiates the Dove School of Skindulgence Facebook campaign.  This is a pledge that encourage women to love themselves, eat right and stay active through simple no-hassle, no fuss, inexpensive activities that they can do at home for themselves.

Interesting right?  I’m so excited to share this with you so that you too can join me in this pledge to challenge ownself for 21 days to achieve the three main pillars of Skindulgence.

That night I’ve already took part in one of the three pillars of Skindulgence. Guess which of the three that I had my hand on?

Yeah, I was in the Kitchen cooking up a storm for Pillar #1 – Eat Right :D  We were taught two easy recipes for a quick simple yet healthy meal.  One has to eat right, getting the right nourishment for a healthy body aye…  The other pillars saw my fellow bloggers learning simple exercise tricks for Pillar #2 – Stay Active and last but not least Pillar #3 – Love Yourself where one can test out how moisturing and nourishing the Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture is.

So come and join me in this pledge for just 21 days.  We can then all graduate with beaming faces :D

Step 1

Log onto Facebook, Dove School of Indugence here (facebook.com/mydovebodywash) and make your pledge.

Step 2

Fill up your details and connect your Instagram account.  No Instagram account? Time to get yourself one then :D  If you’re a member of the Butterfly Project, remember to check that box.

Step 3

For the next 21 days, you are just required to post a minimum of 1 photo per pillar (Eat Right, Stay Active, Loving Yourself). In total 7 photos per pillar via your instagram throughout the 21 days.

The outcome of this :

1.  You are getting pampered for 21 days in a row! Get yourself renewed and refreshed. Check out your friends posting and learn a trick or two.

2.  You get a chance to win weekly prizes and the grand prize – a 3D2N Island getaway to Krabi!

Awesome Powsome!! <3 <3

The challenge has started on 1 March 2014 and ending on 30 April 2014.  There’s still time for you choose your own date to start your 21 days pledge.  Go and start completing the admission form and be on your way to start posting photos in instagram!


CNY 2014 round-up

Woah little did I know and realised that we have now stepped foot into March!  Where did the whole month of February went?

It’s all blurry days that zoomed pass for me now and I felt that I have a lot more of stuff that’s not been done! These days it’s nothing but work for a good solid 8 hours or more followed by chauffeuring my boy around for his classes and activities.  That even my blogging took a back seat.  Setting some priorities right and that would be for my family especially my kids.  Don’t want to miss out those “growing up moments”  :D

So what did we do during this year’s Chinese New Year where we welcomed the Year of the Wooden Horse? Some pichas to round up our CNY hols ;)


Been ages since I went to Petaling Street and we brought the boys down to Petaling Street one of the weekend before CNY for them to see and feel for themselves the festive atmosphere.

The only mall that we managed to visit and see CNY deco is at The Curve.  Love the cherry blossoms flowers and the bench available for you to take a rest.  If these are only real, it would be lovelier.

Back at home, playing with their lion head. Free performance right at home!


Back in my in-laws, it’s the usual war cry of fire crackers each year. See who can burn up more crackers, the bigger the louder the better!  Captured this when the opposite neighbour burn this cracker.  Actually I’m more concern that those crackers don’t get caught up in some easily burn material *phobia me!!*

CNY 1st day

Kinda force my family to take a family shot hahahaha!!!!  This year’s dress code co-ordinated by hubby. All in red with horses on us.  So all in we have 8 horses to start off the Year 2014 :P

CNY- 2nd day

Back in KL, we had gathering with our friends.  Yeah colour co-ordinated again, this time only us the parents LOL!!

CNY – 3rd day

Visited my Grand Aunt Lai Meng.  Recognised her? I shall not elaborate more ^.^

In the evening, went back to my in-laws to have birthday dinner for FIL.  Kiddo’s cousin all back and they had a gala time playing together.

And CNY days thereafter saw me back at work and kiddos back at school. Went back into our daily routine with weekends packed with gatherings.  Went to a few and had to reject a few :(  Even managed to pack in a gathering for my own family. A really really small gathering. Alas my house can’t accommodate so many people and I can’t cook for a big crowd :P

Throughout the 15 days of CNY, this year is the most pathetic for me.  I love and enjoy Lion Dance Performance.  This year, the only one I saw was the performance at my condo’s management.  Didn’t have the time at all to go mall hopping to catch those performances.

But wait… in the midst of these all,  we had fun in the house as well trying to balance our eggs up.  It’s Lap Chun day (beginning of spring) where due to gravity, raw eggs can stand upright!

Chap Goh Meh aka the last day of CNY which also sees the Gregorian calendar celebrating Valentines Day – 14.02.14 <3 <3  Prepared some sweet treats for Caden to give to his classmates and teachers. Spread the love, spread the love hehehehe…..

And what we did ending CNY and also Valentine’s Day? Accompanied Cavan to his classmate CNY open house.  Makan-makan chit chat and went back home to sleep. And that ended our CNY celebration.

Now where did the rest of February went coz it only stopped at Feb 14th here…..